Re: Tank Raised Vs. Wild; was: Re: NANFA-- native killifish take the highest honor

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 14:49:18 -0600

That was part of my presentation at the convention. " Outdoor ponds:
gauranteed ( well nearly, still have to fight nature/predators) success in
spawning native killifish" Everyone who watched at the Q & A afterwards was
asking tons of questions about the pond rearing, not a question was asked
about the collection sites or ranges ( except that would south Florida fish
hold up to winter in the ponds). Hopefully this will make the natives
better known.. Many killi keepers love a challenge, and spawning natives
is, since they have much different requirements than most South American and
African killifish. They might not be worth much at auction time yet, but
the challenge of doing this is.
Some kind of breeding log would be great. Think of all the valueable info
that could be compiled on species, and used to help those in trouble too.

>I think NANFA needs to not only place
> emphasis on responsible and legal collecting, but on breeding what you
> collect. I would love to see NANFA have some sort of breeders' award
> program. Just a thought.
> Norm

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