Re: NANFA--Collecting Equipment
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 08:42:05 -0500

a couple of you (chuck and jeffrey specifically) have mentioned bait bucket
lids for 5 gallon buckets that have a hinged flap for easy access.
i used to buy something similar made by Gator Buckets in Indiana but i
can't seem to find those lids anymore and can't locate an address or phone
number for Gator Buckets (and i'm down to my last one!)
anyone have address (web or otherwise) or a phone number for a
manufacturer/distributor of such lids?

another use for those 5 gallon buckets (with the appropriate lid) is to get
2 buckets, drill about 500 holes (of the correct size to retain your
collection) in one, put the lid on that one, insert it into the other and
fill with water. you now have a "strainer" for the contents.
it's also useful to transport fish/shrimp/bait from one spot to another.
just lift out the inner bucket, put it in the stream/pond/ocean, change the
water in the outer bucket when you are ready to move again.
personally, i tie the inner bucket to the boat so i can easily put it
either overboard or back into the inner bucket when it's time to move.
works great. the buckets will last about 5 or so years but that "bait" lid
only makes it about 2.

Russell McGraw

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