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Mark (
Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:39:18 -0400

At 11:03 PM -0500 9/8/03, Irate Mormon wrote:
>...Some of you may gather from my "point-counterpoint" dialog with
>Gene Helfman (I think it's
>in this issue of A/C, unless Chris decided it was too controversial)
>that I am gung-ho about collecting "special concern" species
>which do not enjoy legal protection. This is not the case at all,
>as I hope I communicated in my rebuttal...

Just skimming the list a little. The phrase ""special concern"
species which do not enjoy legal protection" caught my attention. I
know that Irate knows the difference, but some readers may not. He
is refering to rules of the state of Mississippi, which I am not
really familiar with, but which apparently do not provide legal
protection to fishes that fall under the "special concern" status
category. The reader should not conclude from Irate's comments that
species of special concern do not have legal protection in any state.
For instance, the state of Tennessee provides for legal protection
for all categories of imperilled status from endangered to special
interest, which is the term they use instead of special concern.
Other states, such as West Virginia, last time I checked, do not
afford legal protection to any of their designated categories of
imperilled fishes. They do maintain such listings, but their agency
or legislature has not seen fit to impose legal sanctions. Of
course, just because they do not offer special protection for
imperilled species, does not mean that it's a free for all and
anything goes. They still have laws governing the take and use of
wild fishes. And, as always, please be very careful and do not do
anything, legal or illegal that will lead to the damage of wild fish
stocks. I hope that Pt welaka is not suffering from over collection
by hobbyists, researchers or anyone else. If it is, then shame,
shame, shame on those responsible. As native fish enthusiasts, we
must be the first out the gate to defend and protect wild fish. I by
no means claim to have a perfect record in this area, but I feel
remorse for any overzealous collecting that I may, or may not, have

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