2002 NANFA Raffle Announcement

One good way to help NANFA (and hopefully yourself, too!) is to buy raffle tickets.  Once again, this annual event offers you a chance at a nice prize and the satisfaction that you're contributing to projects like American Currents and the conservation grants. 

6th Prize: Three Joseph Tomelleri native fish prints: redbreast sunfish, gilt darter and rosefin shiner Joseph Tomelleri redbreast sunfish


American Aquarium Fishes 5th Prize: American Aquarium Fishes, by Robert J. Goldstein Handbook of Darters
4th Prize: Handbook of Darters, by Lawrence Page


3rd Prize: The Perfect Dipnet, courtesy Jonah's Aquarium jonahs.jpg (32039 bytes)

2nd Prize: Greenside Darter carving by artist Leo S. Long

The greenside darter is the 2002 convention's "mascot".  Leo carves beautiful one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional fishes, meticulously wood-burning every scale and even the lateral lines (both sides of the carving) and then air-brushing the fish in life-like colors.  These are absolutely gorgeous works of art.  Sorry, no photo of the actual artwork because it's not finished yet, but here is a rainbow darter pair by Leo. Leo Long darters

1st Prize: 29 gallon A-PLEX Aquarium System donated by Aquatic Habitats/Aquatic Ecosystems


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