Photos from the 1999 NANFA Convention in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois

Here are seven photos of the convention collecting trip on the Middle Fork Vermillion River in Illinois compliments of J.R. Shute:

Dr. William Roston (Missouri) and Dr. Lawrence Page (IL) seining.
Along with meeting coordinator Elmer Guerri (IN), Dr. Page made the convention the success it was, and I now proudly own a personally-inscribed copy of the Peterson Guide to North American Freshwater Fishes. 

William Roston, M.D., has been photographing native fishes in their natural environment for decades.  Dr. Roston shared amazing videotape he took of native fishes spawning.  He is having a commercial video presentation produced which may be available as early as summer 2000.  You will be able to learn about it on the NANFA Home Page and in American Currents.

Peter Unmack (AZ) and Chris Scharpf (MD) seining a riffle.

Jay DeLong (WA), Dr. Page, Dr. Michael Retzer (Illinois Biological Survey), Jim Bland (blue shirt-IL), Martin Moore (green shirt- Mississippi), Mark Otnes (gold shorts- ND).

Dr. Page, Mark Binkley's (OH) hair, Peter Unmack (AZ), Stephanie Brough (MD).

Bunch of people (there must have been 60 people there altogether).
In the forefront are Jeff Fullerton (PA), Dr. Roston, Ray Katula (WI), Mike Thennet (VA), Mark Binkley (OH), Dr. Page, and Bob Culler (TN).

Various people looking at fish in a seine.

Scenic shot of the Middle Fork of the Vermillion River.
We found 35 species of fish there that day.

Some photos from Chris Scharpf's camera:

Jumer's Castle Lodge and the Champaign-Urbana Convention and Visitor's Bureau were the greatest hosts!

Mark Binkley and a fishy friend.

Elmer Guerri, Dr. Larry Page, Jay DeLong.

Peter Unmack and Chris Scharpf seining the Middle Fork Vermillion River.

Large northern hogsucker and small golden redhorse, photo from the Mackinaw River.

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