NANFA member Gene Helfman announces the publication of a new core text in ichthyology:

The Diversity of Fishes
(G. S. Helfman, B. B. Collette, and D. E. Facey, Blackwell Science, 1997).

Extensively illustrated and thoroughly referenced (over 1800 citations through 1996), "The Diversity of Fishes" is by far the most complete and detailed ichthyology textbook available. At 512 pages double column, 8 1/2 x 11 inch, it contains 35-50% more text than either of the two existing ichthyology textbooks (Bond's "Biology of Fishes, 2nd edition" and Moyle and Cech's "Fishes: an Introduction to Ichthyology, 3rd edition").

Throughout the book, adaptation and diversity are emphasized. Thorough coverage is given to systematics, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and zoogeography of fishes worldwide, but the book is unique in its extensive treatment of fish evolution, early life history, functional morphology, behavioral ecology, and ecosystem ecology. Conservation is stressed throughout.

More information can be obtained from Nancy Duffy, Blackwell Marketing,

Copies can be ordered directly from:

Blackwell Science
350 Main St
Malden, MA 02148
The price is $69.95 plus $4.50 postage/handling (=$74.45)

Gene Helfman
Assoc. Prof. Institute of Ecology
Univ of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602

PH:(706) 542-3346
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Connect to his web page  "The Diversity of fishes" to read about errors, additions, and reviews. 

In his own words:

"This website is our attempt at informing readers about errors in and additions to our textbook. The usefulness of this site depends entirely on readers contacting us about mistakes we have made, or sharing with us new information or references on topics that we covered or should have covered in the book."

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