NANFA Membership/Donation Form

Membership costs (US$):
USA = $30/year
Canada = $40/year
All other countries = $60/year
All other countries = $30 US$ / year with electronic only delivery of American Currents (a pdf version will be made available, no hard copy will be delivered)

Mail check or money order, payable to NANFA, to:

P.O. Box 1596
Milton, WA  98354-1596

I wish to pay my membership dues for_______years at $________a year (US$).
(Non-U.S. Members, please send postal money order in U.S. funds.)
This is a (please check one): new membership _____   renewal _____

I would like to make a tax deductible contribution in the amount of $___________ to help fund NANFA's education and conservation activities.
You will receive a receipt for your donation. NANFA's Federal ID number is 52-2313148

Mrs. /  Ms. /  Mr. / Dr. ________________________________




ZIP CODE____________________COUNTRY (if not USA)_____________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________________

Please tell us how you heard about us:


We make a membership directory available to NANFA members. This is a way for members to meet each other.
May we include your address in this directory? _____
May we include your phone number? ______

Which of the following best describes your involvement with native fishes?
[  ] Aquarium hobbyist
[  ] Professional aquarist (lab or public aquarium)
[  ] Commercial fish breeder
[  ] Pet professional
[  ] Fisheries professional
[  ] Research (university, resource agency, consulting firm, etc.)
[  ] Education (kindergarten, elementary, high school)
[  ] Environmental or conservation activism
[  ] Angling
[  ] Fish, wildlife or conservation officer
[  ] Naturalist (amateur or professional)
[  ] Other:

Which of the following activities do you participate in? (check all that apply)
[  ] Keep North American fishes in home aquaria
[  ] Keep exotic fishes in home aquaria
[  ] Maintain an outdoor pond
[  ] Breed North American fishes
[  ] Breed exotic fishes
[  ] Collect fishes from the wild
[  ] Observe fishes in the wild
[  ] Scientific research on North American fishes
[  ] Scientific research on exotic fishes
[  ] Fishing for sport/food
[  ] Obtain North American fishes from fellow fish enthusiasts
[  ] Volunteer for environmental organizations
[  ] Other: 

Thank you!