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Yea, must have been a while if you saw fountain darters. You won't see
any now, as the fish is probably extinct. Too bad. Probably bridge
building and introduced plants modifying the habitat that got them.
Ah, progress.


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Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2005 4:18 pm
Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- fishing San Antonio

> hey dave... wow 8 hours! dont go geoff!
> that is the correct spelling. man 8 hours tho. texas is so big.
> but your mentioning the san marcos. very good. i was in austin and
> drove to
> san antonio and stopped somewhere in between and snorkled the san
> marcos. very
> pretty. i remember seeing the fountain darter and dusky darters
> which were
> in a different range than here in tn. lots of fun stuff on that
> trip. i
> remember rio grande cichilds that bit me defending their cloud of
> offspring
> schooling about them. i did not see but wanted too the giant
> prawns that are found
> in the river.
> geoff... you just need more time!
> good advice dave!
> casper
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