NANFA-- Do your zoo a favor. Kill a cheetah!

Roselawn Museum (
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 20:31:37 GMT

Yesterday I forwarded to this list a Biblical rationale for preserving
biodiversity. Earlier today Rob Carillio forwarded to me a news item that
mentioned an unbelievably stupid rationale for just the opposite.

According to the news items, the U.S. Navy was found guilty of violating
the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by bombing and shelling a small island in the
Pacific Ocean and killing protected birds. The Navy knew it was killing the
birds, but incorrectly thought that federal agencies were exempt. (They’re

And now for the unbelievably stupid part.

The Washington Legal Foundation, which supported the Navy in the suit,
argued that environmentalists should support the Navy bombing because
it makes bird species more rare, offering birdwatchers additional
enjoyment when spotting live specimens!

If this logic were extended to, say, whales, then indiscriminant whale
hunting would be a good thing because it would make actually seeing a
whale even more enjoyable!

Do your zoo a favor. Kill a cheetah!

Do America a favor. Kill a bald eagle!

Are people in our government Think Tanks actually this stupid? Or do they
think that *we're* that stupid to actually buy such a ludicrous concept?

Chris Scharpf
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