Re: NANFA-- Do your zoo a favor. Kill a cheetah!
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:05:47 EST

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<< According to the news items, the U.S. Navy was found guilty of violating
the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by bombing and shelling a small island in the
Pacific Ocean and killing protected birds. The Navy knew it was killing the
birds, but incorrectly thought that federal agencies were exempt. (They’re
not.) >>

My best friend from high school and college uses aerial gunnery ranges in
southern Arizona frequently. Several years ago I heard him comment that
missions were being scrubbed (sometimes at the last minute after flying great
distances) because certain protected animals were present in the general
impact area. (A type of antelope?)

Sounds like some parts of the military are sensitive to the issue. Or more
likely someone is MAKING them be sensitive to it. Not unlike most private
industry or municipalities or other organizations.

Military joke below my signature.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Mechanical engineers make weapons. Civil engineers make targets.
Combat pilots make little things out of big things.
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