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Another contributing factor was the use of wild-caught live foods and
plants. Early editions of Exotic Aquarium Fishes had fairly-detailed
sections on the collection of live foods including Daphnia, tubifex,
mosquitos, etc.. I am guessing that this was a more common practice in the
40s than it has been in recent years. Innes, by the way, says that hydra are
introduced accidentally with Daphnia - not surpising since hydra also have
some planktonic behaviors.
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I have seen a lot of hydra but these really take the cake. Biggest I have
ever seen. It could be from the masses of daphnia I feed every day. If the
hydra were in a display tank that would be cool especially if they were the
green kind. But if the hydra came from my daphnia pond then that may be why
my daphnia yields have been so very low. Maybe it's time to shoot a little
Clorox into the daphnia pool and start from scratch.

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