NANFA-- Anyone ever try to maintain leeches?

Jason Pawloski (
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 23:37:12 -0700

Hello everyone,
I went to one of my favorite ponds today since it was the second nice
day of the spring here in michigan, and there were some rather attractive
looking leeches free swimming in the shallow water along the shore line.
Along with them I believe I have found my first local breeding
population of stickle backs, not sure what species it was, i haven't had
time to collect any yet. There was a small group feeding on micro organisms
on rocks and the stone work in the pond.
I was just curious if anyone has tried to maintain leeches. I did for
awhile when I was in high school and i fed them on earthworms, they never
seemed to do as well as I would have liked.
I have been told that feeding fresh blood in a sausage casing will work
but i'd rather not have to do that every few days, that could potentially
make a huge mess as well.
I think i'll head back to the pond by this weekend at the latest and see
if they are still active. I have been having some ethical issues about
collecting fish from this pond, its very small and very easy to throw it out
of whack, some kind soul plopped a pike in there and apparently it didn't
live the winter, at least i haven't seen it yet. That fish almost cleared
out the frogs and chased away a lot of the small turtles that i used to go
watch. I hope things return to normal this summer, or start too at least.
Well thats enough of my spring time ramblings, its time for me to start
planning other after work trips.
Take care everyone and stay safe,

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