RE: NANFA-- AARRGHH (EPA Would Allow Mine Dumping in Waterways)

Jay DeLong (
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 10:11:05 -0700

Ray, I think we all agree we have to be discerning with the news just as we
do as a consumer of any product. Maybe that's the real message here. (Time
to ramble...) There's no totally objective source of information because
there's no such thing as total objectivity. Whether it's for power or
profit or politics or criminal intent, everything is presented to us through
filters. On top of that, our brains have layers of filters which are both a
help and hindrance. Your brain conjuring images of bags of stinking trash
is your interpretation of the word "waste". Nothing wrong with that (Isn't
"stinking" just a matter of personal preference anyway? To a scavenger it's
sweet as honey.)

I didn't get that from the article. I got images of the effects of
siltation on aquatic habitat, and I realized this was more than typical (and
bad) siltation byproduct from logging operations, streamside development,
etc. It's basically the administration-condoned intentional mixing of the
ingredients of concrete in the streams of Appalachia, not only an area of
incredible natural beauty, but home to many endemic and imperiled aquatic
species. While many of us realize the value of protecting running waters
and the minute part of the total landscape they make up, to intentionally
treat stream beds as waste disposal sites is a horrific and irresponsible
way to extract a resource. There's no good to come of this other than some
companies and stockholders getting rich, some politicians gaining votes, and
some local communities making some money for awhile until the coal runs out.
Then those same communities will be left with the aftermath. In our
technological age we can and should be more responsible.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

> -----Original Message----- > From: R. W. Wolff > Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 6:46 AM > To: > Subject: Re: NANFA-- AARRGHH (EPA Would Allow Mine Dumping in Waterways) > > > Well, read it again. It says dirt and rock one time, then keeps calling it > waste, just as you did. Objectionaly waste would mean left over rock and > soil from digging,( which is what they meant) but in the mind it > congers up > bags of stinking trash. I was pointing out how news stories are often > twisted to make them sound sensational. It's hard to tell what is news, > what is hype, what is exaggeration etc. > > I never said that it was a wise resource use, I said that I did not agree > with the method of mining either. I also do not agree with how much of the > news is presented. Its more like an exciting movie than news. > Remember how > dull and informative the news used to be? Even the weather > forecast is not safe. > Ray /----------------------------------------------------------------------------- /"Unless stated otherwise, comments made on this list do not necessarily / reflect the beliefs or goals of the North American Native Fishes / Association" / This is the discussion list of the North American Native Fishes Association / To subscribe, unsubscribe, or get help, send the word / subscribe, unsubscribe, or help in the body (not subject) of an email to / For a digest version, send the command to / instead. / For more information about NANFA, visit our web page,