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> << I tend to disagree with you. The area I live in has seen an amazing amount
> >>
> You may be right, I want to start my own shop but I see all privately owned
> shops going the way of the dinosaur and it scares me. I can't even remember
> the last time I saw something really interesting in a fish store.

I think variety is the key as has been stated previously. The stores that seem to
do the best are those that have a selection of fw fish above and beyond your
"bread and butter" fish, a selection of marine fish, corals and a good dry goods
area. In these stores the fish are correctly named and will order just about
anything for you.

Here in the NJ suburbs of Philly there are 5 fish stores. In 4 of those I could
probably name about 85% of the fish they have in stock right from home. The 5th
one, my favorite, has a much better selection of fish which are correctly ID'd.
I went to all 5 stores in one day searching for the flying fox for my planted
tank. I left my favorite for last hoping they would be able to save the day. The
other 4 had the chinese algae eaters which left me scouring those tanks hoping
that maybe some were mixed in accidentally and for the most part the people
working in these stores are "fish catchers". I purchased two that looked
promising. The last store had them and they were actually labeled as such.
Imagine that.

I went back a couple of weeks later looking for some fish for my planted tank. I
didn't know what I wanted; all I knew is that I didn't want any of the usual fish
that every store has. I was pleasantly surprised. I came away with 6 Threadfin
Rainbowfish, Iriatherina werneri; they are in this month, Jan 2001, TFH, and 6
Celebes Rainbowfish, Telmatherina ladigesi. Unless I need something in an
emergency, this is the store I will patronize from now on. I will occasionally
check the others just to see if I can be surprised. I've already inquired about
ordering pencilfish which I've only seen in one store in DE about 4 years ago.

If I were a shop owner I would approach it differently. Since I've never been in
this position I don't know how feasible it is, but I would invest time in
educating my customers by giving seminars on a variety of topics e.g. beginning
fw, planted aquaria, salt water aquaria, corals, breeding fish. The store would
have display tanks on all these topics as to entice people to enjoy other aspects
of the hobby. The necessary equipment and associated dry goods would be on hand
to further encourage participation. Just a thought.


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