Re: NANFA-- All this talk about pickerel, gars, etc

Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:37:51 -0600

I'm in Wisconsin. The laws around here are that you have to have a fishing
license to take and possess fish. The fish must also meet any size limits
as decribed in the state fishing regulations. Last, any fish kept in an
aquarium count against daily and aggregate bag limits. No special permits
are required. (You can get around size limits by purchasing your fish from
a hatchery, but you better guard that receipt.)

As an fyi, Pickerel are not considered a game fish, in Wisconsin, they are
considered a rough fish, like Carp. Northern Pike and Musky are the only
Esox family members considered game fish.


Hello, I am just curious where the people who are collecting these fish
from. Do you need special permits to collect these gamefish. I am from
Michigan and per the DNR it is allowed to catch darters, minnows,
sticklebacks etc, (the NON-Gamefish); But special permits are required to
maintain gamefish and that would even include panfish varieties. Just
curious if any one could shed light on the subject or links to some
references. Thanks Ted (

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