Re: NANFA-- disgusting xmas ripoff

Chuck Miro (
Sun, 3 Dec 2000 00:17:10 -0500

>I just saw a fish/plant setup in the mall that consisted of a 12 inch-tall
>plant with its roots in a water-filled glass sphere about the size of a
>bowling ball. Around the base of the trunk were stones over a cover on the
>opening of the sphere, and in the sphere was a male betta swimming among the
>plant's roots. The guy selling them told it as a self-contained system
>where all one has to do is add water when it evaporates. "The fish nibbles
>on the roots and the plant grows on the fish waste" the guy told me. I told
>him what bettas really eat and where they're from and that he should be
>arrested for false advertising and cruelty to animals. He got ticked off
>because I wouldn't let him convince him otherwise and I think I cost him at
>least one sale because a couple talking to him before I got there walked
>away when they heard what I said. My brother in Dayton told me he saw the
>same thing for sale there.

Unfortunately, I've heard that this has been a massive fad down
south. All the Betta people are up in arms about it of course.
Fortunately, I've heard that the fad is on the decline.


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