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Sun, 31 Dec 2000 17:44:11 EST

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<< I was just looking at some F. diaphanus in my native community tank. What
presume to be a male has a large black spot at the back of his dorsal fin
the anal fin is very yellow. All the books I've looked in say nothing about
color like this on diaphanus has anyone else seen this? The other four fish
(females?) seem to have papillae. The tank is about 60 - 65 F. with 12
of light. This doesn't seem to be the right time or condition for spawning
but I think I'll place them in a small tank and see what happens. Anyone
with experience with this fish I could use some advice. >>

Fundulus waccamensis develpos colors similar to this just prior to spawning.
I wouldn't be surprised to see diaphanus do so as well. Have you recently
increaed day length, temp or amount of feeding? Any of these, or some
combination can trigger spawning sometimes, even out of season.


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