Re: NANFA-- F. diaphanus

R. W. Wolff (
Sun, 31 Dec 2000 17:12:06 -0600

Diaphanus spawn when the water is above 60 degrees. That is definatly male
colorations. You must be doing something right, I can never get males to
keep them colores indoors, let alone get them to color up. Not only do they
plant spawn, but they will spawn in the substrate. I find them locally (
the western subspecies menona, yours if caught in Michigan probably are too)
over sandy areas of beaches. They form huge schools in the wild during the
post spawn, prefering very shallow flats an inch deep and finding areas the
size of kitchen tables that are deeper on these flats to fill up. On one
cool spring day the shallow water was very hot, and these saucers of deeper
water were stacked with them. I caught 100 a scoop with a dip net. In my
outdoor ponds I have found even Florida killis like bluefins and cingulatus
will spawn when the water reached 60 some degrees. I could imagine that a
northern species like diaphanus might spawn in even cooler water, in the
high 50's. In sandy lakes they seem to be very prolific. They are also
highly adaptable, usually found in hard water lakes here, but also in acidic
ponds and marshes with sandy bottoms.


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