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<< What types of fish Rev?
I'm going to try banded sunfish this year in particular but I also breed
bluespots. I also have plans for pygmy sunnies, redfin pickerel and some
madtoms. The total failure of my cyclops and daphnia cultures this fall is
going to make it expensive if not difficult so I may have to settle for just
the banded. I do have a question for the list, has anyone tried to breed the


Moon >>

do you have extra of the red fin pickerel ?? I too would like to try to
breed them. I have a 125 gallon to put some in right now and a pond for the
spring. or maybe if they are easy for you to get in the spring. I feel more
confident about the pickerel then I do about the pygmy sunnies. also save up
some of that rare hard to find water weeds that I could use in the spring.
like maybe a dump truck load to keep all my fish happy with plants. hehe. I
loved your commments on the libertarian. hehe. I think you are a lot like
me. hehe. except I am trying real hard not to let everyone know. hehe.
trying to keep it to the fish. I took off labels for me. it gives me more
freedom. and the idea of the libertarian is to be free. so I am free of
labels. my most important area of my spiritual journey is to give everyone
else total and complete freedom. but this is a different freedom than that
of the libertarian or republican or democrate. this is a freedom wherein I
love everyone just as they are and I do NOT try to change anyone. change
only my own thinking.

see some of the guys call you rev moon. is that because they are joking
with you???

oh dont forget the redfin pickerel

george arndt

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