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<< The cyclops is gone completely, it may be a seasonal thing with them but
daphnia culture isn't dead it's just not producing like it usually does
my late summer clean out and restock. I grow them out doors, around here
winter and spring I usually have so much I can sell them. This year just a
very few and they cling to the sides of the pool instead of swimming.

Moon >>
I would like to suggest a new culture. carefully take a few daphnia out and
put into new water. take them one at a time. make sure there is nothing
else. especially no cyclops. then see if they multiply. if so then clean
the original large container and clean with chlorine. really clean out the
chlorine with lots of water and now put the new thriving culture into the
large tank. this is a slow careful approach. but if there is contamination.
then this might help. I have heard that cyclops can keep the daphnia
culture down. but I don't know for sure.

george arndt

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