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<< I just got into the marine stuff as a way to raise better sailfin
Now I'm just having fun with all the weird stuff in my aquarium.
tiny slugs appeared Saturday. And today I noticed a tiny, white,
shaped thing growing out of the red algae clump. What makes it
fun is
that I don't know much about it.
When I kept a reef tank I used to feed my tank live plankton I
caught in
the ocean inlet with a home made plankton net. For a couple of
years the
tank was the evening prime entertainment surpassing the
television. The
live plankton resulted in all sorts of odd larvae being present in the
tank and every evening we played the game of finding something
new and
unidentifiable in the tank. It was lighted by a 1000 watt metal halide
light and I had a carpet anemone more than 2' in diameter. It
started out
about 3". I also had some great coral, some of which came in as
Sponges were in every dark recess and crabs and shrimp had to
removed. Oysters and mussels grew in profusion. I have an
description of the set up and changes of the tank over the course of
three years. Since it was populated by mostly native animals it's
completely off topic. If anyone is interested let me know.


I would be very interested in more information about your tank.

Dick Manley

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