Re: NANFA-- spawning warmouth

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 09:55:57 -0600

I have spawned warmouth, both in ponds and aquariums. The aquarium method
was a 75 gallon with two penguin 3 power filters with bio wheels, two forty
watt bulbs on for 16 hours, temps in the low 70's, dark deep gravel, lots of
moss, driftwood, water sprite. Water conditions aren't important. I
spawned different pairs when I lived in town and had hard alkaline water,
and here with soft acidic water. I found I couldn't raise the fry though in
the harder water, one problem though might have been I had no euglena or
paramecium. Fry of warmouth are long, but very slender and have tiny mouths
the first week of life. I fed the adults mostly a mixture of small minnows,
nightcrawlers, earth worms, crickets, shrimp pellets, some kind of floating
cichlid pellet and gammurus. Males can get nasty on females if the female
does not cooperate. I had one male rip a females ventral fins right off,
yikes! Usually warmouth get along really well compared to most of the
larger sunfish species. Warmouth are one of my favorite sunfish. One other
thing, warmouth can eat really big things. I had a trio of 6 inch warmouth.
I was feeding them 5 - 7 inch white suckers, which was all I could catch one
January. I also have footage of my red warmouth spawning, if I ever get
around to my web site, I will see if its possible to have the footage on
there, along with bantam sunfish, dollar sunfish and everglades pygmy
sunfish spawning. I think I have some shots of killifish spawning too, but
am not sure anymore.


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