Re: NANFA-- sturgeon culture (was 'newbie')

jake levi (
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 09:31:49 -0800 (PST)

Hi Chris
I am referring to propagation, through standard
hatchery techniques. I looked closely at the Sturgeon
family back in the 70s for a Masters project, and
opted for other food fish but have kept an interest in
them todate.

At that time the only spawning I was able to find out
about was in the Soviet Union, in fact had some good
communications from members of their fisheries, and
also got a visit from an FBI agent :-)

Anyhow since then agency hatcherys have been
established in the US along with several private
hatcherys, all following artificial propagation
methods. I think it would be quite difficult to
replicate natural spawning conditions in a hatchery
for them. Or entirely impractical. Much easier to
mature brood stock and then use existing techniques to
artificially strip and fertilize/hatch and rear the

I had chatted with a couple other NANFA members over
the weekend ref sturgeon, do you think there would be
interest for a 'Sturgeon Study Group' ? You are the
fourth member who has written me on them.