NANFA-- The Real Cause of Sprawl/Prevention

Edward Venn (
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 08:07:15 -0000

America is in the mind of many Japanese a place of wide open vistas. The
Japanese believe that you have a surplus of everything, including land. Here
in the Land of the Rising Yen, the concept , while not true, is that there
are no great open spaces or room to make malls. Therefore parking lots are
stacked 20 storeys high with elevators in lieu of on/off ramps. Likewise
malls are vertical structures with rail, subway, pedestrian and vehicular
access as well as other business and recreational facilities within an arms
throw. Taxes are high in this country, they take 35% from moderately rich
people such as the typical American ex–pat working for Citibank. If you
really want to have malls in your towns, cities etc., build them vertically
and then give small businesses a tax break to set up shop around the malls,
additionally persuade people to build residences and office complexes in
close proximity to these areas. But, to really benefit from this mandate
that each new mall must be built to last a minimum of 50 years, will be
constructed in an economically depressed area of a city and the owner of the
mall complex will contribute to building public transportation for the area.
This is what they do in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, 3 booming but
obstensively sickly economies, with great success.

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan
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