Re: NANFA-- The Real Cause of Sprawl/Prevention

Gupp (
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 10:58:28 -0700

They work because of time and money. They can buy things, then sell them
cheaper because they buy in larger quantity. It also costs less for
their operating costs also, per items/dollars sold. Then there's the
time factor. In our rush, rush society every second counts and it's
easier and more time efficient to go to one store than several and
they're all the same so you know what you can get there no matter what
town you'r in. The little guys have almost no chance when competing with
the big guys.


Robert Carillio wrote:
> Ed, This is a good idea. I just want to add that it seems like Americans
> think that it is a comforting concept, to be able to shop at one store and
> buy all we need. In many cases, this is what mega stores try to promote, it
> results in a few huge stores trying to provide for the world, so to speak.
> This dwindles the diversity in the economy and leaves the consumer with
> little choices on where they obtain goods. It is much like The Mahoning
> Valley, where I live, thinking they can depend on General Motors to be the
> cornerstone of the economy. The danger is that if they go, we all suffer (a
> dominoe effect!) This is why a diverse economy is so much safer for many
> more people, and not only a rich few. Diversity breeds stability! I have
> always wondered why 100 independent small business in an economy, operating
> healthy, is not just as good as 1 huge place providing jobs for all???? If
> that huge place falls..... we all suffer, because we are too dependent on
> one entity. Finally, I want to add that this drives out the middle class
> market, who coincidentally, is the target market for those huge mega store
> in the first place. Without that customer base, who will buy things from
> "Wal-Mart" so to speak....... Rob C.

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