Re: NANFA-- Want Alligator Gar?

R. W. Wolff (
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 11:52:15 -0600

TRy shortnose gar. The record fish is just over 30 inches, with average
adult length being just under two feet. In my opinion they and spotteds do
the best in aquariums anyways. Spotteds average closer to 3 feet, but one I
have had for over 10 years , mostly in a 75 gallon, but now haunts my gar
pond is still around 24 inches. Florida gar max size is closer to 4 feet,
and longnose is 6. Longnose grow and grow even in an aquarium. I had one
in my one 75 gallon when it was the gar tank, and it was pushing 23 inches
at two years old. My gator seems slow growing, he is now just approaching
over two feet, and that is with being in a pond the past two years. I think
having them out in the cold of the pond almost all winter has slowed its

> Do any gar stay small enough to live in a 125 gal?

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