Jeffrey Fullerton (
Sat, 02 Dec 2000 16:42:11 -0500

> I think I sort of agree with this also. In the Dallas/FtWorth area
> some of the smaller mom and pop shops went under but the larger
> ones that had more quality and diversity have servived. For
> instance now I have to travel out of Arlington to go
> to the best stores but there used to be a couple in Arlington.

You can get some really good stuff from internet based sellers as far as
plants and supplies go. As for many of my plant related needs I have
dealt with mail-order for years before E-commerce - maybe because the
local operations did not offer much anyway. The really good petshops
I've gone to are mostly a good distance away or hav gone out of
business. I can still find good aquarium plants and live foods at Elmers
in Monroeville (suburb of Pittsburgh) and they along with a few garden
centers and nurseries often have interesting selections of pond plants,
planting baskets etc. A thing that I've noticed in recent years is that
many plants - often native species are working their way into the
manistream nursery trade. Indeed this past season I got some Mare's Tail
- Hippuris vulgaris- a native milfoil relative that grows alot like
Parrot's Feather at - of all places Lowes! And I had never before seen
this plant - either in the wild or the mail-order nursery trade where i
would have expected to see it first!


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