Re: Pet fish craze (was Re: NANFA-- disgusting xmas ripoff)
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 16:51:45 EST

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<< And how else would we know how to breed these animals in
captivity without capturing wild ones? But the pressure is so
intense now that I would only purchase tank raised animals. The
experts who have a real chance to breed, say, clown triggers, can
be the ones who go out and collect their own. Kind of like what we
do in NANFA. Is there anyone here who would consider, for even a
heartbeat, setting up a wholesale native collecting operation? I
didn't think so.
Ok, we can agree somewhat on this. I still maintain that reasonable
collecting methods for fish, rock, and coral do no real damage. What I don't
like is to see is this collecting demonized what out of any real proportion
to what is really going on. having been involved with the production of live
rock and coral and to a smaller extent fish I know that it can be done and in
wholesale quantities. I also think that reef aquariums contribute far more
than they take away in bring the reef into the view of the common man. I know
that my own desire to protect the reefs sprang from my involvement in the
reef hobby. No, I don't know how all specimens are collected but I never buy
large specimens without a base rock. They don't do well and it's wrong to
tear up a coral head for any reason. I always chose small specimens isolated
on a rock base or in the case of specimens that don't grow attached I still
choose the small ones. Large breeders must be protected. I honestly don't
know of any where that reef rock or animals are collected by dynamite, food
fish are and building materials are. Blowing them up would ruin their value
for the aquarium by destroying the animals attached that make the rock
valuable to start with. I wish my entire letter could have been posted to the
group. I think these issues are important to us all and we as group should be
aware of the sometimes inaccurate reporting of these issues. this demonizing
hurts people like us by portraying us as raping the reefs and streams. It's
not accurate, and the publicity hurts the very people most dedicated to
saving the source of the animals.


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