Re: NANFA-- Howzabout some on-the-spot reporting?
Sat, 7 Jun 2003 10:51:45 EDT

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> About a month ago while seining in Rochester NY I picked up a small,
> two inch long crayfish carrying eggs. I put her in a livebearer trap with
> slits in the bottom in a spare 10 gallon tank hoping the little ones when
> hatched would escape into the tank. Three days ago I noticed the eggs were
> gone and the tank was crawling with minuscule crayfish. The plan was to
> them for live fish food but they're so cute.

That is basically the idea behind a refugium! Speaking of which, as I set my
150 swamp/freshwater reef tank. Every keep in me mind as you go collecting
because I am going to need some more inverts to make this tan work. Here is a
list to make your jobs easier ;-)

Aquatic earthworms
feather duster worms
clam shrimp (preferably the kind that are pests in rice paddies)
tadpole shrimp
fairy shrimp
giant cyclops
gammerus/amphipods (lots of them!)
isopods (lots of them too!)
tubifex worms
black worms
freshwater sponges
and anything else you come across that might help make my false ecology more

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