RE: NANFA-- Electricity and thinking aloud...

Irate Mormon (
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 17:08:35 -0500

First question: Are iron support I-beams typically used as the earth
ground for a house?

Typically, no, as this would violate building code. And besides,
they're usually imbedded in concrete, or otherwise electrically

Second question: Can a false ground be created by screwing in a metal
object (like a heat sink for a vho ballast) into unconnected wood on the
frame of the house?

I'm not sure what you mean by a false ground, but it is likely that you
would be able to measure an electrical potential difference between the
two objects.

What you need to do is ground the basement circuits to the SAME ground
rod the rest of the house uses. Otherwise you would have two different
ground potentials (which would also violate building code).

I'm 95% sure it's electricity. But I wanted to type all this out so it
would be clear in my mind what's doing what... And possibly run into
else's thoughts as they would be very appreciated to be voiced :)

I am very curious to see whether this solves your problem. I have never
been convinced (i.e. I've never seen credible evidence) that the stray
voltage phenomenon affects fishes in aquaria. A lot of people recommend
ground probes, which seems to me would CREATE an electrical current
through the water.
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