NANFA-- "cross-population strain"?

mark (
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 12:15:38 -0400

At 8:32 AM -0700 6/27/03, Kevin wrote:
>Well said!
>And if I might add, if you do cross breed, then by no means do you want to
>release the offspring back into the wild.

I have a feeling that people will do what they want to do anyway, so
how 'bout this: If you on purpose or by accident produce fry from
parents from different streams (rivers, lakes, ponds, swamps,
ditches...), please be careful to label them as a "crossed" aquarium
strain, and keep records of what you have done. Pass that
information along to anyone who receives fish from you. Record your
experiments/experiences here:

I guess we need to come up with some terminology for "crosses" from
different sites. I think killie and livebearer people use the term,
"aquarium strain". Is that sufficient to identify such fishes? Or
do we need a more specifically descriptive term? Maybe
"cross-population strain"?

As Fritz has said, if those fish get loose in the wild, researchers
like him will have a complete conundrum as they try to do genetic
work on wild fish. And if aquarists get blamed for producing and/or
releasing such fishes, chances are, laws will be enacted to prevent
us from keeping natives at all. The same is true for releases of
wild fish into areas different from where they were collected. So,
in case you haven't heard it before, please, please, please, do not
release fish into the wild _for any reason_. Thank you.

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