Re: NANFA-- TFH photos and soapbox

Mysteryman (
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 12:44:09 -0700

Get off your soapboxes, everyone.

I of course already know all these things, and I'm rather insulted that
ya'll seem to think otherwise. Did I not SAY that it would normally be
I haven't even released any of my Flagfin broodstock or their fry into
the original collection site.
They are kept in aquariums in a wholly different room from all my other
fish, and are housed in tanks that have never been used for any other
species. The equipment and supplies used are also completely dedicated
to the Flagfins. Cross-contamination of genes or diseases is pretty much
impossible. I'm a responsible fishkeeper. Why you think I would release
hybrids is beyond me.

The genetics and taxonomy of the Sailfin Complex is a subject I find
keenly interesting, and naturally I wonder just how different the
various subspecies really are. I'm pretty sure that they probably can
cross with success, and I'll be the first to admit that THAT could be a
potential problem.
I don't just want to know is if it is possible to get a teal-green fish
with bright red fins. I'm also interested in what the tubercule count
and arrangement would be, and how such a hybrid would compare to the
other members of the complex in scale count, finrays, and other
meristics. Who knows? Maybe such data would help us figure out some
details regarding the taxonomy of the rest of the Complex. I'm willing
to bet that some of the subspecies are merely hybrids themselves.
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