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> Yes, they're South Americans, purposefully introduced to Florida and
> Texas as sportfish. Deplorable.
> /
As usual the worst offenders or at least the offenders that end up releasing
fish that end up occupying a larger area of the environment is the good people
at Fish and Game. They just love to point their finger at hobbyists while
they release potential game fish at the same time. In many articles you see where
exotics are being slammed there is often a slant that tends to blame
hobbyists for all releases when really most of the worst are intentional. look at the
spreading of game fish like large mouth bass or the grass carp. Flathead
catfish are also a big game fish for spreading around. I know hobbyists do it but
it's usually on a much smaller scale and with fish that usually cannot survive
where they are released. somebody catches a pacu in a northern river and the
gov tries to make out like aquarists are destroying the environment but
intentional release of fish that can survive and will do great harm is usually hushed

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