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<< I hold to the AKA style interest in
local populations, avoidance of inbreeding etc., and I'm still
maintaining my fish. >>

This dichotomy of purpose still leave me somewhat confused. It is accepted by
most people that a population (whatever that means) be kept "pure," yet
genetic diversity is applauded. Isn't this a contradiction in terms? It seems
to me that it is sort of like the difference between a mutt and a carefully
selected hybrid. Certainly in the horticultural world, hybrids are supreme.
In the guppy world, there certainly is selective breeding, not genetic
diversity. Culling in nature is ruthless and extensive. In the aquarium,
culling is less ruthless and different criteria are imposed -- color, size,
finnage rather than speed, camouflage, reproductive capability, etc.

Lee Harper

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