Re: NANFA-- Chris's Population Problem

Joseph W. Gardner (
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 00:22:09 -0500

Hi Travis,

I'm not sure what you are saying in your post. Are you saying that only married
people have children? If so, unfortunately, you are wrong. 41% of children born
in the USA are born to unmarried women, according to statistics I heard just this
morning. In addition, many married couples are unable to have children either
because of infertility problems or because of complications due to an earlier
abortion. Your argument "The stupider the person is, the more kids they have, and
the more stupid people we get." truly makes me wonder since you state later on in
your post that your parents both came from large families. I personally know
individuals who were the only child in the family that I would not trust with more
than 25 cents at a time. You also seem to imply that "stupid" folks do not
properly educate the children they do have. I supervise an specialized foster
care program. I see a number of people with low IQs, low incomes and poor
backgrounds who care very much about the education their children are receiving
and work to make sure their children get a better . Granted, they are not as
numerous as those individuals who do a poor job of educating their children, even
when they have larger IQs and higher incomes. It may surprise you to learn that
there are quite a number of large families out there who are quite frugal with
their resources, who are producing intelligent, well adjusted children with very
little support from the government or schools. Check out the home schooling
movement in this country and you may be amazed. Of course, I am not saying that
every large family is in this category but by the same token, not every "small"
family fits into the "smart" category either.

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