RE: NANFA-- Olympic Mudminnows???

Shireen Gonzaga (
Sat, 27 Nov 1999 10:12:38 -0500

> Shireen Gonzaga said:
> > But the Hoover Dam refugium population now appears to look a bit
> > different from the original parent population, due to its adaptation
> > response to a completely different environment.
> Where did you read this information?

Devils Hole Pupfish Recovery Plan, July 15 1980.
Prepared by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in
cooperation with the Devils Hole Pupfish Recovery Team.
Pages 8,11:

"In October 1972, when the need for a second population of the
Devils Hole pupfish became apparent, 27 C. diabolis were
transplanted into the Hoover Dam Refuge, an artificial refuge
below Hoover Dam, Clark County, Nevada. A reproducing
population of C. diabolis now exists in this facility, with
population levels fluctuating from 48 to 69 in recent years.
However limited morphometric analysis indicate that the
Hoover Dam Refugium population now exhibits an overall
increase in body size and possibility some change in body
proportions when compared to the original Devils Hole
population. Apparently, there is no substitute for the
environment provided by Devils Hole."

But this is old information. I don't know the status of this
population today. Perhaps Peter Unmack has more information.

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