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The fact that it is skinny could mean that it hasn't eaten in a long while?
Outside of water quality parameters (nitrates too), there may be some kidney
damage or intestinal blockage. I'd go water quality route first.

Thanks Nick, it has been a while since I changed the water in that tank and
I've noticed that paint flecks are falling in some of the tanks that are
against the wall of my greenhouse that butts up against the garage. Probably old
lead based paint. Yet another small detail I seem to have missed, I must be
getting senile. Since it is such a shy fish I seldom see it outside it's log
and I've been feeding it large earth worms and crayfish without watching to see
if it was feeding. The last flathead I had I trained to come up and take
food from my hands. I had planned to do this with this one but as usual things
have not exactly gone according to plan. I'll do a water change but can anyone
tell me the best way to nurse it back to health? I really want this fish to
live, flatheads are my fav catfish and i am a catfish nut. (second only to
sturgeon of course)


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