Re: NANFA-L-- Aquarium Job Announcement

Mysteryman (
Tue, 13 Jun 2006 06:37:28 -0500

Wow. Remind me to stay the heck out of Colorado. No wonder Denver is
Homeless Capital of the USA; no one can afford to live there, apparently.

I work-in-WalMart, and I don't make anywhere near 17,000+. Heck, the
Aquarists-in-NAIB, that is, National Aquarium At Baltimore, only make
17,000. For an area like Baltimore, that can't be very much. Long Beach once
had me on their line with a 33k offer, which sounded great until I figured
out that 33k in Long Beach is practically minimum wage.

28k in North Carolina doesn't sound so bad, really. I used to live there,
and as I recall things were cheap. I guess we'd have to ask Moon about it. I
lived in Dunn, a town very much like the one I'm in now, but I'll be the
first to admit that living near the shore in an aquarium town is probably a
lot pricier, but if I had made 28k in Ft Walton Beach, FL-in-the Gulfarium,
I would still be there, fat and happy.
Down here in South Alabama, things are very cheap. My 2 bedroom house on a
one-acre plot in town was only 18k. if those people in really expensive
areas paying a quarter-million for the same thing were to sell their houses
to other chumps and move here, they could live like kings.
Hmm... I wonder if I could start some sort of company to help people do just
that, taking a percentage, of course? Yeah... I could work between the
realtors and the clients somehow, getting the message to the clients and
bringing them into the realtors....
oh well, way off topic.

Yes, teachers & scientists have always been grossly underpaid. I also
considered teaching, and might still do it someday after all, but I'll
always know that I could have made double driving a truck.
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