Re: NANFA-L-- Flame Chub Testimony On Friday
Tue, 1 Nov 2005 19:58:11 EST

president bruce...
good luck and i know you will speak well from experience-in-the flame chub
terrible to hear that only 5 of 17 sites still harbor the beautiful flame
chub. what a shame that they are lost from 12 recent and previously known sites.
that says a lot about our impact on our waters and this cool spring
dwelling regional fish. i see a lot of springs destroyed in my wanders.
hats off to you for your work and testimony. im proud that you are
representing our native fish and our organization.
thank you.

seems like i remember ray katula having success-in-providing them breeding
conditions. until we can return their disturbed habitats to their natural
required habitats we are-in-a loss tho.

what do you see as causes for their disappearance?

i see springs and their runs dammed and turned into ponds.
siltation. runoff. erosion.
devegatation of the banks.

i still hope to snorkel w/ a flamed up pod... maybe even get a chance to
film them.

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