Re: NANFA-L-- Final 2005 Water garden Sunfish tally

Christopher Scharpf (
Tue, 01 Nov 2005 20:01:08 -0400

> Is there any documentation or has anyone experimented that fish pick up
> deseases in an aquarium.

Cases of aquarium fishes spreading pathogens to wild fishes are rare, but
the threat exists. For example, introduced pathogens from goldfish and koi
now infect South Africa's temperate freshwater fish fauna. And Hawaii's 6
freshwater endemics are now hosts to 6 helminth parasites, a tapeworm, a
leech, and a roundworm -- all exotic. The primary vectors were aquarium
livebearers and gambusia.

> I have a stream behind my home and if I restrict myself to keeping fish from
> that creek is there any documented reason that I should not release the fish
> back to that same spot or is this just the general attitude of the people on
> this list?

In some states, if not most or all, it's illegal to release ANY captive fish
into the wild, regardless of their origin. The reason, of course, is
precautionary and just plain good sense, like wearing seat belts or bike

Regarding George's comment: "Feeling proud that is ,until I posted the
notice of my results and immediately began receiving criticism for returning
fish to their stream of origin."

George, I don't think anybody was criticizing you. They were just alerting
you to an action that is frowned upon by responsible native fish
enthusiasts, and why they consider it "against code." As I stated above,
it's probably illegal, too.

Congrats on your successful fish breeding operation. I'm sure there are lots
of people on this list who wish they had your problem of too many extra

Chris Scharpf
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