Re: NANFA-L-- Final 2005 Water garden Sunfish tally

Joshua L Wiegert (
Tue, 1 Nov 2005 18:06:10 -0700 (MST)

> Quoting George W Corben <>:
> > Feeling proud that is
> > ,until I posted the notice of my results and immediately began receiving
> > criticism for returning fish to their stream of origin.

George --

Please don't take the criticism personally. No one on the list is
thinking poorly of you-in-all -- no one here has said, "Uhg! Another idiot
dumping fish," nor is anyone thinking/feeling it. (And if they are,
they're jerks and not worth worrying about. :-P) Releasing fish back into
the wild population seems like a perfectly harmless thing to do -- and
even a good thing. On the surface, how could it be anything but? You're
supplementing a population. Seems like a good deed....

We're only hoping to point out that the possible negative consequences of
this that outweigh any possible benefit (and, in reality may completey
negate it).

Hopefully, we haven't dissuaded you from keeping natives in a pond, just
from releasing captive stocks back into teh wild (or just into the wild,
as the case may be).

Good luck
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