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Todd D. Crail (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:09:44 -0500

That is correct. I crossed-in-White Street Access in Maumee, walked the
channel between Maumee and Ewing Island (now Audobon Metropark) and then
walked out in the main channel between Ewing Island and Perrysburg, where I
took shots looking-in-the Perry Memorial and the church in downtown
Perrysburg. Didn't you know there's a riffle downstream from Orleans Park?

Watched a bunch of large buffalo and quillback swimming in the shallow
water. We went back the following day with a 25' purse seine and someone
with a permit to use it, but most of the water had come back in, so the
conditions were unfavorable to catch them. I'll probably write all of that
up this afternoon now that I have all the pictures from the weekend.

Ahhh.... So nice to feel like I have time to write up a trip report again.
This last year SUCKED.


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> At 8:21 AM -0500 11/10/05, Todd D. Crail wrote:
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> Hey Todd, where is that? Kind of looks like somewhere between
> Perrysburg and Rossford. And that is due to water receding out to
> Lake Erie that would normally be "impounded" there by the Lake level?
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