NANFA-- Building cheap fish containers

Mark (
Sat, 9 Aug 2003 15:38:22 -0400

I haven't read the list today, so I don't know if I'm missing
anything recent, but I want to run this by all these smart and
creative people while I'm thinking about it:

I set up a kiddie pool last night I had bought earlier to use as a
backyard fish container. It's a pastic canvas model with steel pipe
supports. Looks like it was made in Brazil. I'm going to look into
the cost of replicating this design with steel electical conduit and
fittings, if I can find the pieces I need. Then throw some cheap
liner material over it. I want to try this as a design for a
raceway/mini-riffle for breeding darters and madtoms. Any good ideas
for corner fittings to assemble lengths of steel conduit pipe into a
box-shaped frame? I suppose iron plumbing pipe would work, but it
has to be much more expensive than the conduit. I need a corner
fitting that will accept conduit pipe at 90 degrees in three
directions. In other words, two pipes for the horizontal supports
and one pipe for the vertical support (and one of these assemblies
for each corner of the pool). Alternatively, I could use 90 degree
couplings, and then use "T" couplings nearby for the verticals. Does
that make sense? Any ideas about what I can use for these couplings?
Maybe these are common parts and I just need to go to the hardware
store? Thanks!

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