Re: NANFA-- Williams County, Ohio Report
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:22:56 EDT

hey todd...

you write well! a good adventure to share.

i saw some of those redfin shiners in arkansas. very, very pretty. unlike the
rosefins i find near my home which themselves are wonderfully marked zebra
style. the ark redfins had glowing white blue heads and yes very red fins.

good luck on the hogsucker in aquaria. i think they need a non undergraveled
tank w/ a sandy substrate, lots of live dietris, algae and feed sinking foods
w/ few tankmates. the only place i have had one survive... and thrive is in my
cement pond. getting larger everyday and working on his 3rd year now. oddly i
caught several unidentifable tiny, tiny fry this year and put them in a 35
gallon tank on my shaded patio. one of the high swimming fry converted to a
bottom dwelling hog sucker:) i hope to move him to a protected area in the cement
pond later this fall.

flag down those dnr guys... i do. i like to ask them questions. some are
unknowing but many are with knowdledge and can often give you names and sites to
visit. also you can meet some and accompany them on surveys. a wealth of info.

i sure would like to see a moraine field. the last advances of the glacial
we had a good time in hocking hills ohio. lots of nice fish indeed.

your driftwood collecting skills will have to go head to head with stott
nobles. i think he is the master collector :)
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