Re: NANFA-- The japanese are ahead of us again!

Travis Haas (
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 23:50:12 -0600

Moon, was the title of your email intended to be a pun, or are you just
that cunning without even trying?

Travis Haas
Appleton, WI wrote:
> Talk about just plain weird!
> Moon
> Infant rat heads grafted onto adults thighs
> Infant rats are being decapitated and their heads grafted onto the
> thighs of adults by researchers in Japan. If kept cool during the
> operation, a transplanted brain can develop as normal for at least
> three weeks. The mouth of the head will move, as if it is trying to
> drink milk, the team reports.
> The researchers claim the grafted heads could be excellent models
> for brain damage suffered by human babies. But other experts are far
> from convinced by the grisly technique.
> Read the full story on at:
> <a
> href=",ZbcceeijdgDJ&oid=Ucj
> jbCB&iclitemid=XbecdebcBH&tid=WbccjjjDC">
> clitemid=XbecdebcBH&tid=WbccjjjDC</a>
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