Re: NANFA-- Aquarium Stands

R. W. Wolff (
Tue, 9 Dec 2003 22:45:47 -0600

I second John on all of these suggestions. The flip down to block light
from the under shelf lights is a great thing I have never gotten around to
adding to mine. Although drawers and shelves I can do without. I prefer to
store anything away from the tanks for my own convenience. I probably am
more like Mark and regarding his statements, but thinking along the lines of
something I would purchase from someone else, and put in a living room or
the like. Mark also makes a good point about shipping. I have found in my
stand design it would be pretty easy to make them modular, but shipping
would still probably be outrageous. My stands are all pretty much bare bone
2X4's screwed together. Although my 75 was designed to be in a more
civilized place ( versus my fishroom) and had paneling added to cover the
2X6 frame and corner strips to finish it off. It actually looked nice, and
oddly blends in pretty well with the waynes board on the wall of my current

> > 1) What is the perfect height (bottom of tank) for viewing and working
in a
> > tank (please state size that you are referring to)?
> I think it has everything to do with the size of the tank. When sitting,
the middle of the tank should be eye level.
> >
> > 2) What makes a hood "good"?
> Easy access, easy removal, not so heavy and bulky that two people are
required move it. If the balast could be located somewhere other than the
hood, that would help.
> >
> > 3) How do you feel about drawers and/or shelves in an aquarium stand?
> Shelves that retract into the stand would be cool. A small shelf built
into the doors (if you have them) to hold food items, fertilizer, etc.
Built in timer with mutiple plugs.
> >
> > 4) What about multi-tank stands? Like stacking 3 ten gallons.
> I have one and its nice. Access is important for survicing.
> Alow for at least 4" above the top of the tank. Rather than using hoods,
I mounted lights to the bottom of the shelf above. This looks good, but a
flip down panel to block the light from the rest of the room would be good.
> >
> > 5) What do you think about built-in powerstrips?
> With a timer would be a plus!
> >
> > 6) Anything else that defines a good stand...
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