Re: NANFA-- Have New Vehicle, May Travel

Crail, Todd (
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 12:03:17 -0500

Great reminisce Jeff. So you'd found the St. Mary's River to be gin clear
eh? I'd only been in that portion of the watershed during high water... I
will have to revisit. I was under the impression that the Mercer county
farmers had done the absolute worst to it, but perhaps it remains to be seen
in the light that I've found it's sister streams in recently. The
connecting waters of the Upper Wabash will be interesting to look at and
explore as well, if it has stayed somewhat favorable from similar

The relationship seems to be concerning historic prairie remnants and any
ensuing glacial till maintaining a velocity that gets the sediments the heck
out of there when they are present. It's all very interesting to me, as
I've been subject to these sediments downstream all my life in the Maumee
River proper. In fact, I'm looking out at them from the 6th story of the OI
building in downtown Toledo right now... Man it's a nasty mess down there,
all frothy and brown from the recent rains combined with all the tilled in
fields that just ran off. Yuck.

I'll have to do some research and see if I don't have aquaintences in the
watershed so I can get access at weird places. I went to college with a lot
of people from that area, hopefully I'll be able to find the silver bullet
and get into the spots where diversity will be maintained the best and
further my little hypothesis :)

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