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Fri, 26 Dec 2003 19:55:08 EST

Does anyone know any studies about mussels in the Poca River In W.Va.? I used
to run that river all the time when I was a kid and we would find bushels of
mussels more than 12" long and 4" to 6" wide. the meat out them had to weigh
more than a pound. We used them as channel cat bait but we never ate them. (As
much as I like mussels today if I went back to 1960 I would have to make some
chowder out of a few of them.) I've never seen a marine clam or mussel as big
as these were but some time in the early 1960s they started to drill gas wells
in the head waters of the Poca River, millions of gallons of salt water was
pumped into the river killing or driving out all the catfish and most bass and
sunfish. Clams died out completely never to come back even today 40 years
later. I would love to find some info about clams and other wild life of the Poca
River pre 1960. One day when I recover from this crazy stuff I have in my
hands I plant to try and promote a raft/collecting trip down the Poca River. There
is about a 20 mile stretch of it I used to know like my own yard and the
river flows through some great hills and mountains with great flora and fauna. We
could see 6 foot muskies and catch tiny muskies in cans with white liners.
Huge cliffs covered with various plants from string algae to liverworts mosses
and ferns. Unfortunately no one seems to care about this small 90 mile river.
But I am sure a group of us could have great week riding down it's length. Would
someone make sure Fritz Rhode gets a copy of this letter, I have lost his
e-mail address.

"Who died and left you in charge?"
"Captain Bipto!"
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