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Tue, 18 Jul 2000 09:57:32 -0500

That may very well be. I know they have been trying to determine of there
actually are different species of Musky or of they are simply the same fish
but with regional differences. I am not a "scientific" type so I hope this
isn't a stupid question but, is there a governing body for the naming of
fish or the recognition of a species? If so, they may have more info.


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Subject: Re: NANFA-- Masquinonge (Esox lacustris)

Like you I have never heard of any other members of the Esox family, not
counting Eurasian members. I would've expected it to be some kind of
pike, except for the name "masquinonge" being too much like the scientific
name for muskellunge, "masquinongy". Plus the fact that it was not marked
down as an introduced species. It's not a bad guess, believe me! I have
a blank trying to guess what it is ever since I heard of it. Although come
think of it, I saw a darter species name that I never heard of before, the
scaly johnny darter Etheostoma nigrum eulepis mentioned on a list of
sampled from L. Erie and embankment at Sterling State park, Monroe County,
during a U of M field trip. I'm thinking that the Esox lacustris may have
previously been a "subspecies" of Esox masquinongy that was elevated to
species status recently.

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