Re: NANFA-- looking for exotic frog damage articles

Fri, 3 Mar 2000 10:10:46 -0600

I'd really like to see them completely reverse the way fish keeping is
done/allowed. You should be able to keep natives with little or no problem
and you should have to have a permit to keep tropicals. Ok, maybe that's
not the answer, but it sure seems that we do things backwards. It's
perfectly ok and very easy to go buy a fish that, if released into local
waters can decimate your native ecosystems and has the potential of wiping
out local species, yet you can go to jail for having a locally caught Bass
in a tank (in some areas) The whole thing just blows me away.


I'm not at all surprised. The sad thing is, then they make laws to
prohibit certain species being kept and it's those of us that do keep
animals responsibly that suffer for it. The general population has no
idea what they're missing and continues to dump unwanted exotic animals
on the poor unsuspecting native population. Drives me nuts.



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